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Plastics Analysis and Identification

Are misidentified plastics hurting your bottom line and damaging your reputation? Choose the new PolyMax™ Laser Plastics Analyzer and take the guesswork out of plastics identification. Now you can measure light and black plastics with irrefutable accuracy a every stage of the recycling process, so you can buy and sell with ultimate confidence.



In all stages of plastics recycling, the new PolyMax Plastics Analyzer brings significant  value to the process by taking the guesswork or judgement calls out of proper plastics identification.  

Stage 1: Collection of the Plastic

From initial collection of the plastic at a local plastic recycling facility or Multiuse Recycling Facility (MURF), the PolyMax analyzer provides value to those that buy or acquire large quantities of industrial waste plastic by allowing them to verify the material, and ultimately purchase the load at a fair market price.

Stage 2: Consolidation and Cleaning

Once the plastics scrap is brought to a facility where it is sorted by type and any contamination is removed, the PolyMax analyzer is used to establish the ID of the material being purchased, verify the sorting process was done correctly, and to generate ID reports on the plastic materials for easier and and more profitable sales.

Stage 3: Processing of the Plastic Scrap

Once scrap plastic is correctly consolidated, sorted, and cleaned, it is further processed into regrind, flake, or pellets.  Again, the PolyMax analyzer is used to ensure that the pieces of scrap that are being processed together are the same material and to establish an identity for the pelletized material so that the processor can turn around and sell the recycled plastic material.

Stage 4: Turning Recycled Scrap Into New Products

Once processed and purchased by a manufacturer, the recycled plastic is now ready to be turned into new product.  The PolyMax analyzer allows the manufacturer to first verify the the incoming material ID and ensure they purchased and received the correct plastic supply.  In turn, the PolyMax analyzers helps to minimize manufacturing shutdowns on the line and prevent potential recalls of the final material.

Plastics Recycling Process: Where the PolyMax Analyzer fits in

PM infographic

From collection to manufacturing of consumer goods with recycled plastics, learn how the PolyMax analyzer can bring value to every stage of the plastic recycling process.

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