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Personal Exposure Monitoring

Protection from exposure to hazardous materials is a crucial component of worker safety. As occupation health concerns gain priority in nanotechnology manufacturing, personal exposure monitoring and assessment of engineered nanoparticles are becoming increasingly important.

Nano Personal Exposure Monitoring

Real Time Readings for Immediate Action

If you need real-time personal exposure measurements and workplace monitoring, TSI has the instruments for you.

  • TSI manufactures exposure monitoring systems designed to detect airborne nano-scale materials.
  • TSI's instruments measure mass concentration, particle number concentration, particle size distribution, and lung-deposited surface area continuously in real time.
Lightweight, Easy to Use, Personal Exposure Monitoring Equipment
  • TSI equipment is thoroughly tested and highly effective, earning us a reputation for making the best exposure monitoring instruments available.
  • Designed for worker breathing zone sampling, the SidePak™ AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor is the smallest and lightest personal photometer on the market.
  • The SidePak™ AM510 Personal Aerosol Monitor offers real time personal exposure monitoring for immediate access to time-integrated data that enables instant decisions and corrective actions.  
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