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PIV System MicroPIV

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Product Details

The need to get detailed and accurate measurements in microchannels and similar devices is becoming more and more important as technology progresses. TSI has developed a unique system specifically engineered for measuring flows in MEMS devices, microchannels, vessels and flow devices with very small dimensions of tens to hundreds of microns. In developing this system, TSI has collaborated closely with pioneers in microflow measurements, optical system development, epifluorescence illumination, processing algorithm development and analysis techniques. TSI licensed this technology and implemented the patented concepts into the design of its MicroPIV System, making it the most advanced, most accurate tool available for microflow measurements.

Features and Benefits

  • Use of patented analysis techniques and tools lead to unmatched microflow measurement capabilities
  • Robust optical arrangement eliminates influences of vibration and other external disturbances
  • Inverted microscope approach is uniquely designed for microflow applications
  • Unique optical arrangement, using epifluorescence, uses the same optical access for illumination and scattered light collection
  • INSIGHT™ 4G Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software offers complete system control as well as data collection and analysis


  • Accurate measurements in microchannels
  • Microfluidics
  • MEMS applications
  • Drug delivery

Included Items

  • Model YAG15-15 Solo Nd:YAG laser with 15 mJ per pulse
  • Model 660000 Microscope (including the 10X microscope objective, halogen lamp housing, filter cube and F-mount camera adaptor with 2X relay lens)
  • Model 660006 Liquid Light Guide assembly and coupling accessories (2 meters long)
  • CCD camera with frame-straddling (specific model depends upon application, includes camera lens, all interface cables, camera frame grabber)
  • LaserPulse Synchronizer Model 610036
  • INSIGHT™ 4G  Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software Package
  • All associated manuals
  • Optional items:
    • Model 660020-4X4X microscope objective
    • Model 660020-20X20X microscope objective
    • Model 660020-40X40X microscope objective
    • Model 660004 laser light attenuator
    • Model 660025-1X camera mounting relay lens with 1X magnification
    • Model 660025-5X camera mounting relay lens with 5X magnification
    • Model 660100 microflow model and accessories, including tubing and fluorescent particles



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