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Interested in learning more about TSI's V3V, LDV, PDPA or PIV systems? Learn more about our systems at TSI's annual spring and fall fluid mechanics workshops.

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PowerSight Solid State Laser-based PDPA System

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Product Details

This pre-configured Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA) system, now with the new new PowerSight Solid State Laser module,  gets you up and running in a hurry. It is a workhorse system providing simultaneous size and velocity data with minimum hardware. This new and improved setup features the new PowerSight module which includes the latest in solid state lasers, transmiting and receiving optics, and all control electronics for use as a standalone solution. 

In fact, all TSI's PDPA Systems now combine state-of-the-art solid state laser technology and the patented and proven signal processing technique, to provide reliable, accurate measurements for your research. Additionally, the new Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit based FlowSizer-64 software with the system, you can easily navigate the software ready for your demanding measurements. Results come instantly to allowing you to make adjustments if needed.

Additionally, the RV 70 series receiver probe offers different apertures for your sizing measurements in forward scatter or backward scatter mode. Both the PowerSight module and RV probe are attached to convenient rotating mounts for easy setup. Processing electronics have been pre-selected and configured for a wide range of size and velocity measurements.

This system can be upgraded from 1D to 2D to 3D Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer system.


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Features and Benefits 

  • TSI's new, compact PowerSight module- the latest in solid state laser technology- comes with this system
  • Easy-to-Use FlowSizer™ 64 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software is included
  • Flexibility
  • Power and precision


  • Spray measurements
  • Droplet size measurement
  • Detailed size and velocity measurements
  • Size-velocity correlation
  • Spray characterization

Included Items

  • PowerSight™ modules
  • RV70 Fiberoptic Receiver
  • PDM1000-P Photodetector Module
  • FSA3500-P Signal Processor for Velocity and Size
  • FlowSizer™ 64 software package
  • Manual
  • Accessory kits

To learn more about Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer instrumentation and the many areas of research this system is involved in, attend TSI's Fluid Mechanics Webinar Series presented by our experts.


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