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Outdoor Environmental Monitors


    Aerosol monitors - commonly referred to as dust monitors, particulate monitors, light scattering laser photometers, and nephlometers - are used to measure dust, smoke, mist, fume, condensates and fog. TSI’s Aerosol Monitors offer real-time, direct-reading results, which is quickly becoming an industry best practice in outdoor environmental fugitive emissions monitoring.  


    TSI’s Aerosol Monitors enable real-time, direct-reading aerosol monitoring and analysis in a variety outdoor applications including:

    • Dust monitoring
    • Ambient monitoring
    • Construction site monitoring
    • Forest fire monitoring
    • Road side monitoring
    • Site perimeter monitoring
    • Outdoor environmental fugitive emissions monitoring
    SOLUTIONS FOR OUTdoor environmental monitoring

    TSI’s DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitors simultaneously measure both mass and size fraction, and offer aerosol monitoring and analysis - all in one instrument

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    DustTrak™ In Action

    TSI Air Pollution Rio

    TSI in Rio, offering real-time pollution monitoring to determine the concentration levels of multiple elements in the air. 

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