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TSI Acquires LIBS Technology from Photon Machines Inc.

TSI Acquires LIBS Technology From Photon Machines

Move Will Further TSI’s Growth in Chemical Characterization Measurement Market 

Shoreview, MN- TSI, a worldwide leader in precision measurement instrumentation, announces the acquisition of the laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology and product line from Photon Machines Corporation (Redmond, WA). 

Photon Machines’ LIBS systems and technology conduct elemental analysis of materials including solids, liquids, gases, utilizing configurable laser and spectrometer instrumentation.  This product line is able to rapidly and repeatedly characterize a wide range of elements on the periodic table, including light elements, without cumbersome sample preparation- a strength that significantly differentiates this particular technology from others currently available on the market. The capabilities of the acquired technology will serve as a foundation for chemical characterization measurement solutions to augment TSI’s line of advanced aerosol measurement instrumentation. 

TSI’s President, Tom Kennedy stated, “This acquisition yields a powerful optical spectroscopy method that greatly enhances TSI’s market leading aerosol measurement product portfolio.  The addition of LIBS technology now expands our customer’s ability to fully characterize aerosols by elemental composition and size distribution.” 

Steve Buckley, former president of Photon Machines, is an accomplished scientist and engineer who, along with his team in Redmond, WA, pioneered the development of Photon Machines’ LIBS technology.  Buckley and the entire Redmond team will play an important role as TSI works to integrate and adapt LIBS technology and expand its presence in the chemical characterization market. 

For more information on the acquired LIBS systems from Photon Machines Corporation, click here. 

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