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Application Notes

Raman App Notes

Learn more about our Raman instruments and the many applications in which they are used by reading our library of application notes.

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Raman Spectroscopy in Methanol Generation

ChemLogix Webinar

Webinar recording discussing the use of Raman spectroscopy in methanol generation, presented by Dr. Amy Bauer.

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GasRaman NOCH-1 High Performance Gas-Phase Process Raman Analyzer

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Product Details

Are you working to develop a gas-phase monitoring process? Look to the GasRaman NOCH-1 Sytem from TSI. It's proven to provide faster gas analysis more easily and with lower maintenance that traditional techniques like Gas Chromatography (GC).  This solution accurately identifies and quantifies gases with excellent sensitivity, but without the hassle or price tag associated with alternative methods. The GasRaman NOCH-1 Analyzer, coupled with our flexible software, truly makes our system ideal for process development.

The GasRaman NOCH-1 spectrograph features a 532 nm DPSS laser, a high Rayleigh rejection fiber optic probe, and a high resolution spectrometer achieving up to ~8 cm -1 average optical resolution. Spectral coverage from ~250 - 4,200 cm -1 .

The NOCH-1 GasRaman system is ideal for any academic, research, industrial, or other institutions requiring laboratory and/or online gas phase Raman analysis at an affordable price all other applications requiring a high performance, low-cost Raman analyzer system.

Features and Benefits

  • Rapid, easy measurements
    • Much faster than Gas Chromatography (GC)
    • No extractive sampling
  • Faster cycling time
  • Less maintenance
  • Accurate identification and quantification
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Not altered by water vapor  


  • Natural gas
  • Biofuel
  • Methanol from natural gas
  • Combustion monitoring
  • Gasification process monitoring
  • Well-head monitoring for exploration and production


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