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Fluorescence Aerosol Particle Sensor (FLAPS) 3317

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Product Details

The Fluorescence Aerosol Particle Sensor (FLAPS) 3317 (FLAPS III)™ System provides three real-time measurements of individual airborne particles. These measurements, when processed using appropriate alarm algorithm techniques, deliver exceptional agent discrimination and interference rejection response for biological threat detection applications.

These particle sizers simultaneously measures for each individual airborne particle, the scattered-light intensity and the fluorescence emissions in two wavelength regions. These simultaneous single particle measurements provide a robust data set for the rapid detection of airborne biological threat agents under various background environments.

Fluorescence and scattered-light signals are excited using one reliable, stable, and commercially available laser diode. Fluorescence emissions are measured using two highly-sensitive photomultiplier tubes. HEPA-filtered sheath air flow introduced around the inlet air stream limits the need for optics cleaning and increases system availability.

The Fluorescence Aerosol Particle Sensor (FLAPS) 3317 was developed under exclusive license of U.S. patent number 5,701,012 from the Canadian Department of Defense. 

Features and Benefits  

  • Leverages latest TSI aerosol measurement expertise
  • Provides three concurrent measurements of individual airborne particles
  • Uses one reliable, stable, commercially available laser diode for enhanced reliability
  • Utilizes HEPA-filtered sheath air flow to minimize sensor downtime
  • Quickly senses small and relevant changes in ambient environment


  • Point-detection of potential biological threats
  • Trigger device for biological threat identification systems

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