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Filter Testing

TSI has automated filter testers (AFTs) and components systems that are used to comply with various testing standards and regulations around the globe. In particular, TSI's filter testing solutions are designed for measuring filtration efficiencies of media and a variety of air filters, including very high-efficiency filters, respiratory filters, cartridges and protective garments. Our filter testers can determine the efficiency using submicron poly- and monodisperse oil and/or sodium chloride aerosol.

filter testing    

Automated Filter Testers

TSI AFTs have proven track records of durability, reliability, and minimal maintenance. Models 8127 and 8130 can be integrated into high volume production lines or as stand-alone testers for loading or quality control testing for efficiencies up to 99.999% (five 9's). For more efficient filters, Models 3160 and 3140 determine efficiencies up to 99.999999% (eight 9's). Model 3160 combines an Electrostatic Classifier with dual Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) to measure most penetrating particle size (MPPS) from 15 to 800 nm using monodisperse particles. Model 3140 features a polydisperse oil aerosol generator and CPCs making it an ideal choice for quality control testing of high efficiency filters.

Component Systems for Filter Testing  

TSI offers a Component Filter Test System (CFTS model 3150) consisting of software and a hardware module to provide off-the-shelf solutions for all your custom filter-testing needs. Pre-configured to work with TSI's world class detectors and sizers, the CFTS provides a platform for numerous filter-testing applications. The CFTS can be configured to read signals from a wide variety of flowmeters, pressure transducers and sensors (temperature, pressure and relative humidity) to automate data collection. It can also provide signals to control blower flow, sampling valves, aerosol generators etc. Whether designing a new test duct or updating an existing system, the CFTS provides an easy-to-use system with the flexibility to meet your filter-testing needs.      

Instrument Recommendations Based on Filter Type & Standard


Particle Sizers : From 2.5 nm to 20um, TSI offers a broad range of particle sizers to match the resolutions and size range needed for your filter test.

Particle Counters : TSI's condensation particle counters (CPCs) and photometers provide accurate and fast particle measurements over a wide range of partice sizes and concentrations.

Particle Generators : TSI's extensive range of particle generators provides options for polydisperse and monodisperse aerosols made up of either solid or liquid particles over a broad range of particle sizes and concentrations. 

Aerosol Conditioning : TSI offers neutralizers, diluters, dryers and filters to ensure the aerosol can be measured accurately by your detector. 


Need Help Finding a Filter Tester Product?

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