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Filter Testers

    Filter Test Solutions from TSI

    All  filter test equipment from TSI, used for testing efficiencies of filter media and a variety of air filters, including high and very high-efficiency filters, respiratory filters, cartridges, and protective garments, is known for its simple and reliable operation. All of our filter testers can determine the efficiency of filters using submicron poly- and monodisperse oil and/or sodium chloride aerosol. Additionally, TSI’s filter test solutions are used to comply with various testing standards and regulations around the globe.

    Offerings for Advanced Automated Filter Testing

    Collectively, TSI’s automated filter test offerings have proven track records of durability, reliability, and minimal maintenance.

    • In particular, Model 8127 can assess filter efficiencies up to 99.999% or penetrations as low as 0.001%.
    • Additionally, with touch panel displays, on-screen menus to change test parameter, and self-diagnostic checks performed during operation, these filter test solutions from TSI ensure ease-of-use while providing accurate, stable, and reproducible results.
    • TSI’s filter test offerings are perfect for integration into high volume production lines or use as stand-alone testers for filter loading or rapid quality control testing.

    Even More Advanced Filter Testers from TSI

    TSI’s most advanced automated filter testing systems for challenging both low- and high-efficiency filters and filter media with submicrometer aerosols include TSI’s Models 3160 and 3140 which can be used to determine efficiencies up to 99.999999% (eight 9’s), or penetrations down to 0.00001%.

    • The Model 3160 from TSI, compliant with EN 1822-2, is used in automated filter testing to determine penetration vs. particle size of filters and filter media. To do so, the Model 3160 combines an Electrostatic Classifier with dual Condensation Particle Counters (CPCs) to sequentially challenge a filter with up to 20 different monodisperse particle sizes in the range of 15 to 800 nm and ultimately, calculate most penetrating particle size (MPPS). 
    • TSI’s Automated Filter Tester Model 3140 features a polydisperse oil aerosol generator and two Condensation Particle Counters used to simultaneously count particles upstream and downstream of the filter. This automated filter test option from TSI enables quick, accurate, and repeatable measurements of filters, making it an ideal choice for quality control testing of high efficiency filters.

    To learn how TSI’s automated filter test product line can be integrated or adapted to meet your filter efficiency testing needs, click on the products below or contact a TSI representative.

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