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Continuous Monitoring Systems


FMS Monitoring System

Easy as 1, 2, 3...
Get FMS 5 for:

+ No interruptions
+ No data loss
+ No-hassle compliance


Need a Buddy?

FMS offers a unique Buddy (Automatic Hot Standby) system option for built-in system redundancy. This completely integrated back-up system resides on an alternate computer. If anything happens to the primary FMS system, the Buddy automatically takes over, continuing to collect secure data. No manual intervention is required in the event of a computer failure, meaning no system down time, no lost validated data, and peace of mind.

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Facility Monitoring Has Never Been So Easy

TSI’s Continuous Monitoring Systems provide a complete solution to monitor your cleanrooms. FMS Facility Monitoring Software is the backbone of a fully compliant facility monitoring system.  AeroTrak® Remote Particle Counters and other environmental sensors seamlessly integrate into FMS, creating a robust clean room monitoring system. These systems collect information needed to monitor, validate, and improve your processes, while keeping them in control. 

TSI’s Solutions are More Than Just Particle Monitoring Systems

For Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Life Science industries, ensure compliance to EU GMP Annex 1 and the aseptic processing FDA cGMP with TSI’s continuous monitoring systems. For Electronics applications, optimize throughput with particle monitoring and SPC tools.  In addition, TSI’s Facility Monitoring Systems offer:

  • FMS Software with open architecture
  • Flexibility to integrate with any manufacturer of environmental sensors
  • Ability to comply with FDA cGMP and EU GMP Annex 1
  • Complete system validation tools
  • Optional built-in system redundancy
  • Statistical SPC tools for electronic applications
  • Simple system maintenance and calibration

TSI’s Continuous Monitoring Systems are integrated, installed, and serviced with the local support from our worldwide network of qualified representatives, ensuring your system stays up and running.    

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