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Condensation Particle Counters

    Push the limits of detection to 1 nm

    1nm SMPSE77

    Introducing TSI's 1nm Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Spectrometer ™ (SMPS™), expanding the size range to 1 nm. 

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    CPC Trade in Image 2017


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    TSI introduced its first Condensation Particle Counter in 1978. Since then, we have developed the technology further, working together with the research community. Today we have the most modern, reliable and successful selection of CPCs, operating with water, butanol, isopropanol or diethylene glycol.

    The applications for CPCs are very numerous. CPCs are used around the world to count particles in air accurately – either in laboratory setups, in sensitive environments (schools, workplaces), in vehicle emissions, or in the atmosphere to monitor air quality. Our CPCs detect particles as small as 1 nm, count particles with up to 50 Hz and complement our fast-scanning nanoparticle sizer (SMPS).

    TSI has a great depth of experience in designing and manufacturing CPCs, and in supporting users in their CPC applications. With so many choices, let us help you to find the solution to your measurement challenge.

    Global Aerosol Education Webinar Series from TSI

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    Guest speakers from major research institutions across the globe join TSI to discuss cutting-edge research in aerosol science.

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