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Condensation Particle Counter 3007

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Product Details

TSI's Model 3007 is one of our smallest Condensation Particle Counters (CPC). At only 3.8 pounds, it provides versatility not common with larger particle counters. Yet it offers a surprising list of performance features. Like a particle size range of 0.01 to greater than 1.0 µm, a concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3, an LCD display, and a built-in RS-232 serial data port.

Plus, it operates on alkaline batteries and includes programmable data logging.

Features and Benefits

  • Particle size range of 0.01 to >1.0 µm
  • Concentration range of 0 to 100,000 particles/cm3
  • Built-in LCD display
  • RS-232 serial data port
  • Battery-powered operation
  • Programmable data-logging capabilities


  • Indoor air quality measurements
  • Inhalation and exposure studies
  • Health effects studies
  • Mobile aerosol studies

Included Items

  • Aerosol Instrument Manager® software
  • Carrying case
  • Additional accessories (see spec sheet)

  • Can the CPC be operated with different carrier gases?
    Yes, but only inert gases.
  • Is the counting efficiency for each CPC determined individually?
    No. The CPC efficiency curve has been determined by testing a statistically valid number of CPCs and averaging the results to obtain the curve published in the product literature. Variation between units is very small. 
  • What is the final droplet size after growth by condensation?
    This question has been investigated, theoretically, by Ahn and Liu (1990). For the initial particle diameters of 5 and 20 nm, the computation results show a final droplet size of 11.3 and 12.3 micrometers, respectively (Ahn and Liu, 1990). Similar experimental results have also been determined.

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