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Aerosol Neutralizers

    Aerosol Neutralizers from TSI

    Aerosol neutralizers are an essential piece of many aerosol research studies because aerosol particles dispersed by nebulization, combustion, or powder dispersion are usually electrostatically charged. Normally, a high level of electrical charge is undesirable because it increases the particle loss to the walls of transport and sampling systems, or it can affect filter-efficiency measurements. To ensure that instruments operating on the electrostatic principle work properly, aerosol particles entering these instruments require an aerosol neutralizer to neutralize their charge.

    TSI offers both Radioactive and Nonradioactive Aerosol Neutralizers

    TSI offers two types of aerosol neutralizers - those that use a radioactive source (Kr-85 or Po-210) as well as the new Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer, a nonradioactive alternative to traditional neutralizers that uses soft x-rays, to perform this function; both options are compatible with TSI instruments.

    Functionality basics of TSI's Aerosol Charge Neutralizers

    Depending on your requirements and local regulations, TSI’s two types of aerosol neutralizers provide a neutralized aerosol particle charge and increase measurement efficiency in a number of applications, including: submicron aerosol sizing, mobile and field studies, aerosol charging investigations, and monodisperse aerosol generation.

    Nonradioactive Aerosol Neutralizers- The Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer

    • The Model 3088 Advanced Aerosol Neutralizer uses a low energy (< 9.5kev)="" soft="" x-ray="" source="" to="" generate="" high="" concentration="" of="" bipolar="" ion="" to="" ionize="" air="" molecules="" creating="" equal="" numbers="" of="" positive="" and="" negative="" />
    • The Aerosol enters the neutralizer from the inlet port, and the air ions are attracted to oppositely charged particles.
    • The ions quickly interact with the particles and neutralize excess charges.

    Radioactive Aerosol Neutralizers

    • TSI’s radioactive aerosol charge neutralizers ionize the surrounding atmosphere into positive and negative ions.
    • Particles carrying a high charge can discharge by capturing ions of opposite polarity.
    • After a short time, the particles reach charge equilibrium such that the aerosol carries a bipolar distribution.

    To learn more about TSI’s aerosol charge neutralizers, take a look at individual offerings or contact a member of TSI’s team today!

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