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In fluid mechanics research specifically related to aerodynamics measurement, obtaining detailed velocity measurements and associated flow properties is critical.  Such information enables industrial designers to enhance the aerodynamics of bodies and vehicles - from airplanes, ships, and automobiles to micro-size devices.  Such advanced research like this can be completed using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) systems or simpler hot wire anemometers from TSI. 


Aerodynamics Measurement Solutions from TSI

Aerodynamics fluid mechanics experiments require accurate and flexible equipment as well as knowledgeable support staff to obtain the necessary measurement data. TSI offers such a solution and then some with its comprehensive set of tools.

  • V3V™ system - TSI's latest fluid mechanics instrument is an award-winning system that offers a truly volumetric, three-component velocimetry measurement solution. TSI's V3V™ system brings PIV aerodynamics flow measurements to the next dimension thanks to its unique ability to capture the fluid velocity in cubic volume instantaneously, essential for the most accurate aerodynamics research.
  • PIV system - a laser sheet to measures the instantaneous flow field in a desired region, providing vorticity, spatial velocity gradients, and other variations.  Moreover, repeated PIV aerodynamics measurements provide time-averaged statistics, while time-resolved measurements capture the temporal variation of the velocity field.
  • PIV/PLIF systems - add scalar properties (pressure, temperature, etc.) also necessary for the successful application of aerodynamics research findings.
Go Beyond PIV Aerodynamics Research Tools
  • Thermal anemometers - provide accurate velocity measurements including velocity spectrum and higher-order statistics in clean gas and liquid flows, and frequent hot wire anemometer calibration, available through TSI, ensures long-term use.  
  • Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) systems - laser beams obtain precise velocity measurements in gas and liquid flows in more hostile environments. LDV systems also make non-invasive measurements in rotating machinery - especially in the interblade region in compressors, turbines, and fans - often required in such specific areas aerodynamics research.
  • TSI's CERTIFIER® semi-portable wind tunnels - a small test section ideal for flow measurements on small devices or for air velocity sensor testing/analysis and test instrument calibration.
TSI Provides Results in Successful Application of Aerodynamics Research

Collectively, TSI's line of instrumentation has been integral in the application of aerodynamics measurements and findings, resulting in a better understanding of pollution transport, the development of more efficient vehicles, and enhanced lift of airplanes, just to name a few.

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